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In six years, Rayone wheels has changed from an ignorant boy to a high-spirited youth, and let us grow from a laggard with no reputation to an outstanding person in the wheel industry, and the owner still challenges the stronger Courage.

On December 15, 2014, the world’s first Rayone wheel was born. The first “little life” that carried the spirit of Rayone’s birth was born in the Industrial Park of Yihuang County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Although the technology at that time was still slightly immature, The equipment is not advanced enough, and we are not named in the wheel industry, but we had a dream at that time to make this artistic “little life” and this wheel named Dima truly appear in the world. In any corner of the world, appearing in every car in the world, so that everyone wants to bring the sense of security that Rayone wheels brings to them.

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The production of the first wheel greatly increased our confidence. It made us realize the cohesion of our team and made us realize our determination. As long as we make up our minds and work hard, we will surely achieve our goals and complete our dream. Sincere and sincere, innovation, perseverance, ingenuity, and struggle have gradually become the life and work principles that every Dima person silently abides by. We implement it in every product we make, and in every life and work. Things. This is a requirement for each of our products, and also a requirement for ourselves. We believe that each of our wheels is a perfect work of art, and we believe that each of our wheels represents a determination to make progress. . Persist in the transformation of wheel hub projects with technological innovation, and build a world-renowned wheel hub brand in the industry.


In March 2020, Rayone wheels Hub’s first cross-border e-commerce team was established, marking the company’s new exploration of the past offline-based marketing model to a new e-commerce marketing model. We started our online and offline dual-channel brand strategy. In the same year, we opened our store on Alibaba International Station. As of November, we obtained a 5-star store. The online transaction volume reached 96,6447.5 US dollars. The United States, Thailand, Canada, the Philippines, Australia and other countries all have transactions, and their online performance has achieved good results.

It seems to be very far away, but it seems to be in the palm of the hand. Six years ago, we did not expect that we would grow to the present height in six years. The many achievements and honors obtained in six years also meant that we reached There is a peak, but it does not mean that we are satisfied. We will move to a higher peak. That is the dream of every Dima, and it is what every Dima ardently wants to do-Where is a car, where is Rayone.


Post time: Nov-02-2020